The SL-X is a very fast and controllable slalom fin that proofed its performance also under smaller slalom boards for GPS-Speedsurfing.

In 2016 we created additional carbon fiber layup types covering all relevant sailor types and sailing missions.

The SL-X can be used not only for classical downwind slaloms but also for Long Distance Racing and Alpha Speed Sailing due to its high cross wind and upwind speed.

The behavior of the SL-X is very well predictable giving the sailor the advantage of going closer to the limit without loosing control.

The profile was optimized by CFD-analysis for less drag in the low2medium AoA range so that there is more speed potential for riders looking for the best speed in slalom competitions. We paid special attention on a very good acceleration performance at the starting line and after the jibe.

The fin can be produced in a length range of 28 – 58cm and with Tuttle- Deep Tuttle- or Power-box in carbon layups defined by the customer requirements.

We recommend TE-rakes of 3.5° – 6.5° depending on fin-length/board-size and sailing requirements.

A detailed surface area chart can be found in the “Fins / About fins” section.