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The F_1 is a Formula racing fin that was initially developed in 2011 and since that point of time successfully used in different national and international competition around the globe.

We optimized the carbon layup year by year and can offer different fin characteristics depending on the customer requirements.

The fin allows excellent performance over a wide range of conditions and is inducing perfect control into the board-fin-system.

The F_1 has very high torsion stiffness and we can offer a bending stiffness range from super4-soft to super2-soft generating sufficient vertical lift to de-load the board and reducing the surface friction drag between board and water.

The board gets a very stable planning position and can be fully sailed on the rail and fin. We designed the carbon layup orientation and geometric twist in a way that the fin still allows very good control in the upper wind range.

The F_1 is produced with high-end carbon types like IMS65 and TeXtreme. These materials are the base for long-term performance and soft but durable fins.

We produce in length, rake and stiffness based on the requirements given by customer.

Available in length of 66 to 75cm in DT. Sizes bigger than 70cm are cut at the tip so that the overall length is 70cm.

A detailed surface area chart can be found in the “About fins” section.