Happy New Year 2019

Updated: Surface area chart per model
December 5, 2018
Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2019
November 7, 2019

All the best for 2019!

We like to wish you lots of wind, sun and an exciting time on the water!

2018 was again very busy with the work on different products:

  1. SL-pro, a slalom pro model, was developed, tested and released for series production.
  2. GPS-Weed, a speed fin for weeded spots, was developed, tested and released for series production.
  3. New layup for the GPS_X2W was developed, tested and released. The new layup proofed its performance in Lüderitz by our team rider Twan Verseput.
  4. Development, production and validation of a new high-end 4-axis CNC-Test-Bench. This test center allows us to apply loads to the fin as they occur during real-world sailing by multi-point test sequences in laboratory. The reaction of the fin (bending&twist) is measured by high-precision sensors and data is automatically computed and stored into a database.
  5. We also worked additionally on other, new product-types and we will keep you posted as soon as new information will be available.

All the best,

Alexandra & Joerg