Mondial Du Vent 2010: l’Orange Speed Crossing

Zara Davis breaks women’s production board record
October 14, 2010
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Sarah Hebert

An interesting competition kiter against windsurfer held during the Mondial Du Vent is over.
ANTOINE ALBEAU won the man’s class and SARAH HEBERT took the 1st place in the women’s competition. Overall the windsurfer dominated this competition.

SARAH used two different sets of equipment:
1. Naish SP110 & Naish Stealth 7,8 together with our SL-S390
2. Naish SP95 & Naish Stealth 7,0 together with our SL-S350

SARAH was quite happy with the set-up, she said
My speed was perfect, I feel really good with the fins. The chop was big and the sea not easy to ride, but with the Sonntag Fins I could close my eyes. I was happy to see that I could go upwind very easily if needed, I haven’t done any spin out.”

CONGRATS to SARAH for her successful competition from the whole Sonntag-Fins-Team!!!!