Peter Volwater testing GPS_4

Andrea Vanhoorne joins Sonntag-Fins
April 12, 2014
Netherlands Slalom Championship 2014 (NK)
October 20, 2014

In the last two weeks the wind in the Netherlands allowed also testing the smaller equipment for Peter Volwater.

Testing was done with the Starboard iSonic 90, KA-Race 6.3 / 7.1 and our 30cm GPS_4 at the Grevelingenmeer (Herkingen /inside&outside) and also at the Amstelmeer. Good spots for testing conditions in between flat water and solid chop.

At the Amstelmeer Peter did fantastic runs resulting into a new spot record of more than 38knt over 500m in the chop.   Link to

(Thanks to Peter Weitenberg for forwarding the picture)