Sarah Hebert started the Atlanic crossing

Zara Davis: Queen of Speed 2011
February 3, 2012
Sarah Hébert arrived in Guadeloupe
March 16, 2012

Today Sarah started her Atlantic crossing.

Leaving Dakar/Senegal her goal is to arrive at Guadeloupe (around 4000km distance) in 25 days. Sarah is followed by a boat where she sleeps in the night. Precise GPS data allows to store the stopping point at the evening and to start at the same point in the morning.

Sarah’s progress across the Atlantic can be followed here.

Sarah has the option to use different boards and sails carried on the sailing boat. She will use our SL-S and SL-P fins for the crossing.

The complete Sonntag-Fins team wishes success and a safe trip over the ocean!!!!